HadesCoin use the ERC223, which is a more secure, reliable, efficient, and convenient protocol template than ERC20.

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Notice: We open the donation again . Now you can get ether*4000000 HAC . 1 hundred million later , you can get ether*3000000 HAC , 2 hundred million later you can get ether*2000000 HAC .this donation is voluntary provide. You must send ether more than 0.001 , else nothing.You must set gaslimit = 100000



Welcome to our Roadmap. We will show you our development planning.

  • Q1: June 2018

    Release the white paper

    In the white paper, we will inform project planning, use of technology, business applications, and our implementation plan in detail

  • Q2: August - September 2018

    HadesCoin to Exchanges

    we have successfully achieved our goal and make it to at least Five exchanges

  • Q3: October 2018

    APP and mainnet develop

    From this point,we will develop apps for all major platforms, including: Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, iOS and Windows

  • Q4: January-April 2019

    Market Promotion

    Work for marketing materials, printed literature and other publicity products ( e.g.corporate gifts,support sports,gamers).

  • Q5: May- August 2019

    Major Network

    Will publish the main network and move the token from ERC223 to the main network

  • Q6: August 2019

    Company Registration

    Register a company

  • 2020 Onward

    List in NASDAQ

    Not bragging

  • This is HadesCoin

Our Amazing Team

We don't want to release information about our team for the time being. It's not the time. We just want to keep a low profile and get the project done. But I can probably introduce our team members, is A senior programmer, for almost ten years block chain base development, familiar with the GO, PY, C, JAVA and other programming languages, have the strength of large-scale project development; B has participated in the development of several public chain projects and has a deep understanding of various consensus mechanisms.

For now, we must admit that the development around blockchain is a mess. Compared with the existing mature network development, there are no useful frameworks and tools in the field of blockchain. But this early confusion, on the other hand, is an opportunity, and more importantly, an opportunity that is likely to lead to a paradigm shift in development.

On the blockchain, you don't need to deploy any centralized servers, which means the risk of a single point failure is zero. If your entire stack is decentralised, there is no need to introduce "trusted" third parties, and no third party means 100 per cent censorship can be countered. Block chain technology brings new opportunities for data opening, and the future feasibility of the decentralized database based on block chain is expected. With blockchain technology, we can envision a future where there is no middleman and information and rights are systematically dispersed.

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